What Is The Stoic Devotional?

Learn, discuss, and absorb the wisdom of our ancient Greek and Roman ancestors, little by little every day through selected quotes.

All quotes are curated from the works of three highly renowned Stoic philosophers: Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius.

Why Use It?

Stoicism can give you improved clarity, focus, judgment, and empathy, and it can help you live a fuller life. Over time, you can become less encumbered by fear, hate, and anxiety, and you can enjoy deeper feelings of gratitude and understanding.

Keep at it every day and you will, as Seneca puts it, "end up far in advance of all mankind, and not far behind the gods themselves".

Crowdsourced Wisdom

All Stoic quotes were selected with help by the thousands of readers in the Goodreads community.

Only the highest-rated quotes were selected, and each was meticulously formatted to be inclusive, accurate, and easy-to-read.

How To Use It

Come here once a day to read and digest the Stoic quote for that day. Browse previous and next days, or use the calendar to explore further.

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100% Free Forever

This one-of-a-kind resource is 100% free forever. It's made for anyone looking to improve themselves and the lives of others.

A substantial amount of time and effort went into making this possible. If you find it useful, the best way to give back is to share this knowledge with others.


As Epictetus reminds us, self-work is like surgery, and it takes guts to work on yourself.

I truly hope you enjoy what these Stoic teachings have to offer, and that The Stoic Devotional leaves you better than it found you.


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